Intentional peer support is peer support with the intention of moving towards what you value in life as a big step towards your own recovery. (Read more about what peer support is here)

Photo by Ian Goddard

People naturally support each other when one or more of them goes through emotional distress. Intentional peer support capitalizes on this natural phenomenon and tries to augment it and make it more productive.

Peer support is not like clinical support and it is more than just being friends.

In peer support we understand each other because we have “been there” ourselves, shared similar circumstances and experiences. We can build, together, a willingness to learn and grow.

We come together with the intention of changing unhelpful patterns, getting out of  the places in which we are ‘stuck’ and building relationships that are respectful, mutually responsible, and potentially mutually transforming.

Instead of taking care of each other and thinking of each other as ‘sick’, in peer support we build a sense of family and community that is mutually responsible and focused on recovery and social action. (Shery Mead, 2007)

Our Mission

  • Provide mutual support and care.
  • Form relationships that enable us to learn and grow together.
  • Help one another to access agencies for information and facilities.
  • Reduce our isolation by social interactions amongst ourselves and the community.
  • Learn to challenge our existing beliefs and the community.
  • Learn to challenge our existing beliefs to help us move forward.
  • Encourage education and training.